BinBotPro Honest Review No BS!

BinBotPro Review

So you are looking to trade binary option with Finpari or Binarymate with Binbotpro binary signal service which meant to point you in the right direction of you trade using their algorithms and hidden russian technology. I am here to end the hype and I have to admit that I never used Binbotpro on a live account but I accidentally used there demo account and instantly notice that it is a promotional attempted to promote these two brokers that probably owns Binbotpro.

Now my job is to make you aware of these types of promotions of new binary options robots brokers well make as a marketing scheme to increase new client using there trading platform. Most people who are new to trading binary options are often introduce to it through a pop add about someone who make  a million in one moth BS and more. I lost a lot of money playing with binary options knowing that I had an addictive personally but this post is not about me it is about you making the right decision and learn more about trading before you even decide to put your money into it I purposely avoided using the word invest since most people who are going to the bookies do not use words like invest and profit lol .


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