Genesis Mining Promo Code ( i5DPpS ) 2017

Genesis Mining Promo Code i5DPpS

With this promo code for Genesis Mining you will get 3% off your order – it is that simple copy and paste i5DPpS when you are ready to make your purchase. I have to admit you will need patient to get back your return on investment and the best way to upgrade your hashing power for free is to help others get a 3% discount sharing your promo code also.

You will have to be patient with the payouts at first you will want to see your bitcoin wallet balance to raise daily – what you will need to do is login – go to settings and select wallets and enter in your correct receiving addresses in order to get pay once Genesis mining sync with your wallet. Depending on you hashing power the higher your payout will be and for bitcoin mining option it is a lifetime contract.

Editors comments: I new about bitcoin since 2009 because of the deep web but never investing in it since I personally didn’t have any interest buying services in the blackmarket – low and behold this digital currencies came back around to hunt me – be cause whenever I am doing buying I buy big.

Now I was looking on buy a high spec GPU to do my own mining but found it to complicated and came across Genesis mining which offers clients to use their hardware for a small fee. Which is not bad to be honest but if they crash our contract crash.

Genesis Mining Dashboard 

Genesis membership

I decided to starter with a small order to make sure “Genesis Mining” was not a scam – oh the minimum order is 53 use which works out to be 3.5 th/sand process fee. I used a prepaid card and the fee turned out around $12 – below is the actual snapshot of the transaction.

Genesis Mining Transaction Fee

Use the promo code i5DPpS to save 3% off your order – Visit Genesis Mining Official Page here!

Another great feature “Genesis mining offers is mining allocation ” so you can either mine Litecoin – Zcash -X11 -Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Genesis mining allocation

Now it’s time to show you my earnings so far after a two days period. Under my account and my orders you will be able to view the pending transactions.

Genesis mining payout

Editors comments: Make sure you fully understand how to send and receive bitcoins before you decide to obtain Genesis mining package read more…..

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