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Mspy Review – Keep in mind the truth Hurts and Loyality should be rewarded

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First I will like to introduce Mspy New Features!

Most smart phone spyware apps require physical contact in order to jailbreak the phone to install the service, now Mspy released a new feature that will allow you limited monitoring of ISO devices without the need of jailbreaking the devices. Read more about it in the main review below.

  • Keylogger – now available for both Android and iPhone (iOS)
  • Snapchat Monitoring just released

Mspy is a remote monitoring software that you can install easily on any smart phone and tablets with the purpose of monitoring employees and your children and of course monitoring your partner, this is not recommended because in some countries it may be illegal to install a spy a phone or tablet you do not own.

mspy-discountPersonally I found this application to be useful for parents who are concern about there kids since it provides  you with all the necessary information such as access to keystrokes, SMS , phone calls, contacts, call logs , location , wifi networks , photos, snapchat , video files, browser history, emails, events , blocking websites , Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook and a few other features.

The product speaks for it self, if you want a hands on experience with Mspy I will definitely recommend trying the demo provide on the official website and make your own finally verdict by returning and leaving a review  in the comment box below with your views on the product please.

Visit The Official website Now for more information concerning Mspy

In this generation children share there deepest secrets using their mobile phone, they maybe intelligent to the point that they will avoid using a laptop connected to wifi within your home if there are aware of parental control but when it comes to their personal smart phone they feel more secure, before you purchase Mspy you must notice which device they use for social connection the most. We both know that prevention is better than cure, even though spying on someone can be extreme and the most effective way to find out an individual online behaviour. Lets talk more about Mspy.

Compatible Phones and Devices

MSpy is compatible on cell phones also Tablets – the important thing to remember is that it must match the OS (operating system) version of the target device.

  • Android Phones and Tablets – up to OS version 4.4.4
  • iPhone and iPad up to iOS 8.1.1
  • BlackBerry up to version 7.1
  • Symbian (Nokia)

Advanced Features from mSpy

When purchasing a smart phone spyware, you will normally expect to receive the vital information such as call logs, text logs, email, browser history and tracking and more which Mspy has within their technology and most importantly Mspy is 100% reliable unless the targeted phone is switched off, the key to having a successful experience with Mspy is to be aware of how Mspy will affect the battery life, since its an add-on that requires power it will affect the battery like any app on a phone if its running in the background. Mspy  will hardly affect the battery life but its worth being mentioned.

Monitor Messenger Services – This feature will record all activity with 3rd party  social media apps  such as WhatsAppViberSkype, Snapchat, iMessage (iPhone only) and Facebook Messenger. These features is currently available for Rooted Android devices and the iPhone/iPad.

Call Blocking – With Call blocking feature you can select which numbers can get through, this feature can increase suspicion if the person try calling the number with they are together. If you wanna do long term tracking with limited suspicion, rather than blocking the call you can ease drop on a conversation and physical intercept the person to avoid them meeting up or simply block the caller in cases on online bullying, drugs etc.

Website Blocking – This acts just like parental control you can restrict access to predefine websites.

App Blocking – you can view all installed apps on the target phone and choose which ones to block. Great tool for managing your kid’s phone and internet use.

Keylogger – Keyloggers are well know for PC, now Mspy incorporated this feature to record all keystrokes which will real passwords for emails, Facebook, basically you will have access to all websites that require passwords. – extremely powerful feature. Now works on Android and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

Management Features – Even though Mspy is stealth, certain things like abnormal data usage can trigger suspicion, so to avoid this you can set up intervals for when you wish to receive your data to be sent, it can be preconfigured to be sent only via wifi networks or using the targeted smart phone data plan.

Security Features – lock the phone, wipe phone data, sim change notification, start, pause or delete the app – all from the online control panel.

Read enough? Click here to be redirected to the official vendors page! Please leave a comment with your questions.

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